How to edit a Shopify Theme

Editing Shopify theme

Shopify themes can be edited without the need for any technical knowledge.  From the Online store option in the LHS menu, click theme and customise theme. 


Sellers should customise their theme to reflect their branding

  • Colour accents are set in theme settings and can be applied at the element level, e.g. background colour
  • The logo is defined in the header
  • Branding should be reflected in any imagery used

Editing elements

To edit a page, make a selection from the top drop-down menu.

The elements of the page can be seen in the LHS menu.  The Announcement bar, header and footer are persistant across the site, but the other elements are specific to the page.

Elements (and sub-elements within a theme) can be moved with relation to each other by selecting the dots icon or hidden by clicking the eye icon.  The editing options available for each element are shown in the RHS menu.

When you have finished editing your theme click save.


The header is where the site logo and menu is set.  The menu can be selected from menus created in Online store > navigation.



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