How to import & export Shopify products

If you have many products to upload to your store, then it will be very time consuming to do this manually.  You can use the export and import functionality to amend products or create new listings.

Import and export functionality is available from the top RHS in the product screen

Exporting products

By exporting products, you can backup your product catalogue.  You can also see the format which Shopify requires for uploading products or amending existing products.

Importing products

Overwriting products

When importing products, you can choose to overwrite existing products (matched by handle) or skip products that already exist.  The handle is the URL path for the product

e.g. in

the handle is handmade-lavender-soap-bar-100g-recycled-packaging

Product types

There are two types of products in Shopify that require different upload file formats

  • Single products.  These are products that only come in one variation.  All the information for these products is stored in a single row.  Additional rows are only for additional images
  • Variations products.  Products that come in multiple variations e.g. colours have each variation on a different row

Product info common across all variants (e.g. title,  vendor) need only be entered in a single row.


Each product image requires a separate row.  Information on adding additional images can be found here:

A full path must be provided for each image.  Images can be stored in Shopify files and then the URL copied into the file

Example valid URL: – includes file extension (.jpg) and the full path including https://

Invalid URL:  – no file type e.g. .jpg

Required fields

When creating products, there are required fields that cannot be blank and required fields that can be blank.  Missing required fields (non-blank) will cause the upload to fail.  Blank required fields will wipe the info in Shopify unless filled.

A field guide can be found here:



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