How to grow your Amazon sales: Deals

Deals can be accessed from Advertising > Deals in the Amazon Seller Central main menu.

Lightning Deals are flash sales where a product is featured for several hours on theAmazon Deals page, one of the most visited pages on Amazon. 7-day Deals are also featured on the Amazon Deals page for up to 7 days at a time.

The Deals page, is one of the most visited pages on Amazon.  Featuring a product as a Lightning Deal or a 7-day Deal might help increase sales, and it can also be an effective way to reduce your inventory. There is a fee required to run a Lightning Deal or a 7-day Deal.

Deal Fees

You will be charged for each Lightning Deal or a 7-day Deal that is submitted and has successfully run. The fee is displayed as part of the Deal creation work flow when you select the schedule for the Deal.

What doesn’t affect the fee: Changes to the number of variations, quantity, and price.

What does affect the fee: The country in which you run the deal and the week you choose to run the Deal.

Deal results

Once submitted the deal will appear on the deal homepage.  Once the deal has gone live, the following information will be available about each deal

  • Units Sold. The number of Deal units sold during the deal
  • Items Waitlisted. The number of items that the customers added to a waitlist after a deal sells out. A high number of Items Waitlisted suggests that you could have sold more Deal units than the Quantity for Deal that was entered for the SKU
  • Deal Revenue. Ordered product sales (Units Sold x Deal Price) for that SKU
  • Total Deal Revenue. Ordered product sales for all SKUs that participated in the deal



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