Understanding Amazon Payment Reports

Amazon payment reports can be accessed from the main menu under Reports > Payments.

Payment reports is divided into the following sections:

  • Payments Summary. This page summarizes your payment information. It shows your current total balance, available funds and recent pay-outs across all account types.
  • Statement View. This view shows a graph which breaks down the account balance by settlement period and line item type e.g. refunds, fees, FBA fees.
  • Transaction View. Displays the account transactions within a statement period, up until the prior day’s close. A transaction can be an order, a refund or an Amazon-initiated charge or credit. Drill down to see item detail
  • All Statements.  A list of settlement periods with summaries.  Drill down to see details in the statement view
  • Disbursement. This page shows the amount paid out in each settlement period to your account and the status of your funds.
  • Date Range Reports. Individual transaction reports and summary reports for orders within a specific range based on the date when you marked the orders as dispatched.
  • Download payment reports. Detailed breakdown of transactions during a given settlement period.



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