How to use Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a global service with tools to help you protect your Brand’s intellectual property (IP), find and report violations, and share information that can help Amazon prevent violations.

For example,a brand owner canreport fake products, enabling buyers to remain safe.

Benefits of Brand registry

Above reporting infringements of your intellectual property, Brand Registry also enables brands to take control of their brand on Amazon in the following ways:

  • Publish Enhanced Brand Content.  E.g. Branded storefronts and A+ content
  • Brand analytics.  Get data on searches related to your brand on Amazon
  • Sponsored brand campaigns.  Create Amazon advertising campaigns related to your brand
  • List new brand on Amazon.  Under many circumstances, in order to list products under a new brand on Amazon, that brand must first be created on Brand Registry

Registering your brand

Registering a brand is easy.  There are however some requirements for a successful application

  • Get a trademark.  Not just anyone can list a trademark, it must first be register with the relevant national authorities
  • Official Brand website.  If you want to register a brand, you need a website first
  • Clear photos of the product.  These need to show the branding and the packaging
  • Sample ASINs.  If your product is already on Amazon, submit some sample ASINs
  • Countries where you distribute your products

Note:  The trademark can only be submitted by the trademark owner.  Additional users can be added at a later stage.

Types of trademark

Trademarks submitted can either be word or design marks.  If the submission is a design mark, then this needs to submitted as an image.

Examples of different types trademark can be found here:



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