Amazon Brand Registry Features

There are a number of actions which can be performed from within brand registry

Reporting violations

If a brand is infringing your IP on Amazon you can report it for the following reasons:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Trademark infringement
  • Parent infringement
  • Design right infringement

Violations can be reported form the Protect menu option.  Search for products by brand, keyword or ASIN and select problem listings.  Then either select to report the whole, or part of the listing.

Past submission will appear under the Monitor menus option

Adding additional brand & trademarks

From the Manage menu you can perform two actions:

  • Enrol additional trademarks under brand which have already been added
  • Add new brands

Correcting product details

To ask Amazon seller support to update listings, go to Brand Registry > seller support and create a case giving the details of the ASIN details which should be updated. 

Adding a user

Secondary users can be added to brand registry through by creating a support ticket



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