How to use Amazon FBA Inventory Planning

When selling on FBA you need to be able to plan how much inventory you need to send over the Amazon’s fulfilment centres.  Luckily Amazon has some tools to help in doing this.  Inventory planning which can be found under inventory > Inventory planning

Restock inventory

On this screen can be seen the sales by SKU of FBA inventory across the multiple sites.  This screen has a stock ordering system where a merchant can enter details about a product and Amazon will produce a report which will generate an inbound inventory recommendation.

  • SKU Settings.  Set the supplier and replenishment details for each SKU.  This will be combined by Amazon with sales data to generate a recommendation
  • Download Restock recommendations. These can be used to generate levels for shipping plans

Manage Excess inventory

Based on sales, this screen will show ‘excess inventory’ which is recommended for removal. 

Fix stranded inventory

Stranded inventory is FBA which for some reason is not assigned to an FBA ASIN.  This inventory can be seen from Inventory > stranded inventory and either a return requested for converted to FBA inventory.



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