Launching a New Brand on Amazon

Brand Registry

If a brand is not already on Amazon then to create listing under that brand it will need to be registered under brand registry. If there are already products under that brand on Amazon then the brand should be registered in any case as it will allow the brand owner to ‘own’ that brand on Amazon, allowing them to amend product listings, kick off counterfeits and run Sponsored brand campaigns.

Once a brand has been registered in Brand registry, then the brand owner will be able to launch a branded storefront for this brand.

There will be a link on each product to this branded storefront.

Other benefits of registering a brand is that the brand owner can create A+ content and run Sponsored Brand campaigns.


Q. I have multiple brands. How does that work?

A. From a single seller account you can register multiple brand and manage multiple branded storefronts.

Q. Can I manage multiple brands from the same storefront

A. No. That would be a bad idea. Each storefront is only for one brand and the band is assigned when the listing is created. To have multiple brand under the same storefront would require the wrong brand to be assigned to a product. This is not a a) not a good customer experience b) would possibly be difficult to change in future c) Against Amazon’s rules d) you would not be able to run sponsored brand campaigns for the individual brands.

Q. Do I have to have a branded storefront if I have registered a brand through brand registry

A. No you do not.



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