How to use Amazon promotions


Promotions can help your products stand out from the competition and stimulate sales. Promotions are most effective when your offer wins the Buy Box.

Promotions are either money off or Buy-one-get-one-free offers which are run on a subset of your Amazon invntory products. Setting up promotions requires the following steps:

1.      Create a product selection

The first step is to create a new product selection.  To do this, first navigate to Advertising > Promotions then click Manage Product Selection at the top of the menu.  This can either be a list of ASINs from your inventory, a category or a brand name.

2.      Creating a promotion

After you’ve created a product selection, it’s time to create the promotion. First, navigate back to Advertising > Promotions then click one of the two promotion types. In the promotion you will need to specify the following attributes:

  • Condition for promotions e.g. Buying quantity, product selection
  • Promotion details e.g. percentage off

3.      Scheduling

Once the promotion has been specified, the scheduling must be set.  This sets the period during which the promotion will run.

4.      Additional options

Promotions should be carefully created as if you do not set them up properly, they can be combined giving customer a larger discount than intended.

There are three options for creating a claim code. You can choose:

  • Single-Use: Each claim code can only be used once. All codes will be random 16 digit strings.
  • Group: One code that can be used an unlimited amount of times until the promotion ends. This code can be more generic, such as 15OFF or SUMMERDEAL.  For combinability options see below.
  • None: This will allow your promotion to be activated automatically, if a customers’ cart qualifies for the promotion. They will not be required to enter a code.

If you are announcing the discount to a large group of people (i.e. deals website, social media post) you should choose Single-Use to avoid people abusing the discounts you are offering. Or, if you want to offer your email subscribers money off on their next order, you could create a Group Code like 10OFF and sent it to all your followers.

Codes Combinability

There are two options for claim code combinability:

  • Preferential. Only 1 promo will be applied to the purchase. If the customer attempts to add multiple promotions, only the one with the greatest discount will be applied. This is a good choice for sellers who are offering multiple types of promotions for the same product selection and protects your promotions against stacking.
  • Unrestricted. Be extremely cautious before choosing this option, especially when you are using a group claim code. This option means your promotion can be stacked along with other promotions that are running for your products. This could result in you giving multiple discounts for one order, and if you have Group promo codes, people can place unlimited orders.


By clicking on customise messaging, the messaging for checkout or details page is can be set.

Vouchers vs. Promotions

Between promotions and vouchers, the biggest difference is what they target. Promotions focus on obtaining free items or getting a money off your purchase. Vouchers, on the other hand, focus on taking set money amount off and require inputting codes to get the discount.

Other differences include:

  • Promotion codes can be distributed off Amazon as there is an actual code
  • More complex setup for promotions giving more control
  • Vouchers are just money off whereas promotions can also offer free products
  • Combinable – more than one offer can be run on a product at the same time



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