How to use Shipping Updates to Increase Repeat Purchases on Shopify

In this week’s eCommerce Odyssey Podcast I talked to Kiril Kirilov cofounder of about how they improve delivery communication on Shopify. Rush is an app that is deeply integrated with over 400 couriers with the aim of closing the loop between ordering and delivery. Not only do they help improve customer service, but they also enable merchants to use communications to drive customers back to a store and repeat purchases.

Kiril had the following advice for optimising shipping comms on Shopify

Communication with customers as often as possible

By sending out updates at every stage of the delivery process has major benefits for retailers:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by keeping them in the loop
  • Cut down on customer service queries

Use updates to drive repeat custom

Every time you send out a delivery update to a customer, the customer is encouraged to come back to the site where they can be upsold.

Wow consumers with great service

Get the basics right to impress with your delivery

  • Shipping speed.  Deliver items before people start to wonder where they are
  • Be in stock.  Ensure you have stock available for quick delivery



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