How to use Shopify Marketing Apps

If you wish to market your store using an integrated marketing app, this is managed from Marketing in the main menu.

The marketing menu is divided into three sections

  • Overview.  Summary if your marketing campaigns
  • Campaigns.  A list of your campaigns and their performance
  • Automations.  Marketing automation such as abandoned cart emails

To create a new campaign, click campaign from the top RHS.  By default, only the Shopify email marketing app is installed.  This enables users to send up to 2500 emails per month for free.

Other marketing apps include Facebook, Pinterest and Google.

Email campaigns

Shopify mail is a WYSIWYG email editor that can send email messages to your customers.

Remember that you should only send messages to users who have opted to receive marketing messages.


Subscriber lists are managed from the customer menu in the LHS. For a customer to appear in a subscriber list, their email subscription status must be set to ‘subscribe’.  They can do this at checkout, or the shopowner can update it later.

Email design

When setting up an email, the following fields must be completed:

  • Subscriber list.  Select the list of customers to receive the message
  • Title.  Title for the email
  • Preview.  Preview text of the email which will be seen in the customer’s email client (e.g. Gmail)
  • Email design

The design for the mail is defined in a WYSIWYG editor.  Elements can be edited and moved around on screen.

Sending an email

Emails can be sent immediately or scheduled for later.  The mail can be previewed before sending and/or a test email can be sent.

Once the email has been sent, performance can be viewed in Marketing > overview and marketing > campaigns.



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