How we launched our podcast!

We have been running a podcast for a few months and experiencing healthy listener growth.  This post shares how we have launched and promoted our podcast.

Recording a pocast

We record the podcast via a Zoom meeting.  Paid for versions of Zoom allow the video and audio to be recorded separately. 

Equipment I use:

Audacity is a great free tool for editing audio.

Hosting a podcast

You will require hosting for your podcast.  Hosting stores the podcast audio file and metadata (e.g. description, icon) and makes it available for download. 

We use, which is a paid service.  Spotify offers a hosting service called Anchor, a free alternative.  We will probably move to this when we get time!

Finding guests for your podcast

We ran out of guests after the first few episodes.  However, we now have a steady stream of guests as we have signed up for some guest matching services.  We also get contacted by agencies looking to place guests.  Some useful matching services:

Publishing on the major podcast platforms

We publish the podcast on the following services:

These services require you to set up an account and submit an RSS feed.  The RSS feed will be provided by your podcast hosting provider.

Podcast promotion

We promote the podcast in the following ways:

  • Podcast services mentioned above
  • Blog post
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter



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