Get Actionable insights from your Amazon Sales data with Rael Cline from

In this episode of the eCommerce Odyssey Podcast, we talk to Rael Cline from Nozzle turns raw data into actionable insights that help you grow your business on Amazon.

Amazon sellers have long been frustrated with the lack of customer data available to them. This data is essential for making informed business decisions but has been locked away by Amazon. Nozzle Analytics gives you back control of your sales and customer data. With this powerful tool, you can track your sales in real-time, as well as gain insights into your customers’ buying habits.

We talked about:

  • What does
  • Where Rael got the idea from
  • How the best Amazon sellers are using Nozzle to grow their business
  • How Rael sees Amazon progressing over the next few years
  • What has inspired him recently

Rael was talking to Trevor Ginn from, an eCommerce agency specialising in online marketplaces and e-commerce sales platforms.



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