Interview with Steve Folwell – Founder Muddy Trowel

Vendlab has launched a podcast (!) and in our first episode, Trevor talks to Steve Folwell from Muddy Trowel, an e-commerce startup that delivers easy to use plant kits which will make your garden beautiful in no time at all.

Trevor and Steve talk about how he got the idea for the business, his plans for the future, and the challenges of delivering fragile, perishable goods in pristine condition.

The interview is available on Youtube:

and also as a podcast from all the major podcasting platforms:

Interview with Neil Twa from Voltage Direct Marketing Ecommerce Odyssey Podcast

Neil Twa is the founder of Voltage Direct marketing, an Amazon growth consultancy. Voltage specialises in launching its own private label brands and coaching others to launch their own successful Amazon businesses. We discussed:How did you start VoltageWhat does your sixleaf software do?How do you identify good products to sell on Amazon?Tell me about your FBA investment business VoltageThere are a lot of businesses making acquisitions in the FBA space right now – is this a bubble that is going to burst?What are the most successful Amazon sellers doing right?What has inspired you recently?Neil was talking to Trevor Ginn from, an eCommerce agency specialising in online marketplaces and e-commerce sales platforms.
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