Interview with Steve Jones from Veeqo

In this week’s episode of the Ecommerce Odyssey Podcast, I interview Steve Jones from Veeqo (

Veeqo is a leading e-commerce platform helping multi-channel e-commerce businesses to manage their sales.

Questions covered include:

  • Can you give me a brief background on Veeqo
  • What kind of merchants can you really help
  • Do you consider yourself to be an all in one system?
  • How do you balance the requirements of customers for different features
  • What is your pricing model
  • How do you think you fit into the market for ecommerce platforms? Why would someone choose you?
  • What do you see really successful merchants doing to grow?
  • What are your predictions for ecommerce over the next 2 years
  • What has inspired you recently?

Interview with Kaitlyn Study of South Street and Co Marketing Agency Ecommerce Odyssey Podcast

In this week's edition of the eCommerce Odyssey Podcast, Trevor talks to Kaitlyn Study of South Street and Co, a marketing agency based in Orlando, Florida, USA.South Street & Co. was established in 2015 and helps small business owners reach more customers through great digital marketing, design and automation.Kaitlyn Study original set her business up as a side hustle, and it quickly grew into a full-time business.We discussed:How Kaitlyn started South Street and coThe importance of local searchMarketing automationThe platforms they useThe importance of coachingKaitlyn's advice for starting your side hustle!What has inspired her recentlyKaitlyn talked to Trevor Ginn from, an eCommerce agency specialising in online marketplaces and e-commerce sales platforms.
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