Managing Multi-channel eCommerce sales with Steve Jones from Veeqo

In this week’s episode of the Ecommerce Odyssey Podcast, I interview Steve Jones from Veeqo (

Veeqo is a leading e-commerce platform helping multi-channel e-commerce businesses to manage their sales.

Questions covered include:

  • Can you give me a brief background on Veeqo
  • What kind of merchants can you really help
  • Do you consider yourself to be an all in one system?
  • How do you balance the requirements of customers for different features
  • What is your pricing model
  • How do you think you fit into the market for ecommerce platforms? Why would someone choose you?
  • What do you see really successful merchants doing to grow?
  • What are your predictions for ecommerce over the next 2 years
  • What has inspired you recently?



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