Organising Amazon Sponsored Products and Brands Campaigns


A Sponsored Products Campaign is made up of one or more adgroups. These adgroups contain:

As all products share the bids and other targeting in an ad group, it is best to include products of the same brand, category or products of a similar margin.

When a campaign is initially created, it will have only one adgroup. Additional adgroups can be added later.

Adgroups are only available for sponsored product campaigns.


Multiple campaigns can be added to portfolios. Portfolios can be used to organise campaigns. They also have the following advantages:

Bulk operations

Instead of making changes individually in the campaign manager, you can make bulk changes to your campaigns using a spreadsheet. This is an efficient way to manage multiple campaigns, keywords, and ads. Changes which can be made this way include:

Copying campaigns

One way to quickly create new campaigns is to copy an existing campaign. This can be done from the campaign management page. Once the campaign has been copied, the new campaign can be amended.



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