Shopify Menus, Filters and Redirects


Your site’s navigational elements are edited in Online store > Navigation.  Here the site’s menus (e.g. main menu, footer menu) can be configured, and new menus added.

The menus included in a site are defined in the theme. Adding new menus requires changing the theme’s code.

Creating your navigation

Your navigation is a vital part of your site, and you should construct it to enable customers to find your product quickly.  One possible structure would be:

  • Product categories.  Divide your products up into logical categories.  This is done by placing the products into collections
  • Brands.  Categorise your products by brands
  • Info pages.  Have these in a separate menu item


A menu is a navigational item that contains multiple elements from the site.  These can be

  • Site homepage
  • Search
  • Product collections
  • Individual products
  • Pages
  • Blogs
  • Blog posts
  • Policies

Items are added to the menu and then can be repositioned using a drag and drop system.  Nesting items creates a menu hierarchy.


Collection and searches can be filtered using several user-defined filters.  These are either:

  • Availability
  • Price
  • Product type
  • Brand (Vendor)
  • Product options

Product options are the variant options defined at the product level (e.g. size, colour etc)

Search Engine Optimisation

When creating titles, remember then they are used by Google and other search engines to categorise the content of the page.  Choose navigation titles that represent the content on the destination page.  Research the most appropriate keywords to use for your titles using keyword research tools such as Google trends.

See our video on Basic SEO for Shopify.


If you remove a page from your site or a navigation item, it is best practice to create a redirect.  If you do not create redirect:

  • This will negatively impact your search engine performance
  • External links to this page will be broken

Re-directs are managed from a link in the top RHS of the navigation page.



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