Adding a Page to Shopify

Adding pages to your Shopify store, e.g. About us and contact us, will provide the customer with more information about your company, reassuring them that you are a reputable business. 

Typical pages to add

Most online stores will have as a minimum:

  • Contact us.  Adding contact details will reassure customers and allow them to contact you if with questions
  • About us.  Giving some information about your business will help differentiate you from the competition

Creating Pages

Pages can be added or amended from Online Store > Pages.  Each page will have

  • Title.  Make this a meaningful title that includes relevant keywords
  • Blog content.  Text as well as media
  • Theme.  The layout of each blog page is determined by a theme.  Themes can be added or amended in Online storefront > Themes

When creating a page, you can duplicate and amend an existing page to save time.

Search engine preview

Shopify shows a search engine preview (i.e. how pages will appear on search engines).  This includes

  • Title.  This is the <title> tag for the page
  • Description.  This is the meta description
  • URL

These will be set by default to the page title and an excerpt of the description but can be optimised if desired.



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