Shopify Payment Options – Paypal, ShopPay and Amazon

To complete a transaction on a Shopify website will require the setup of one of more customer payment options.  Payment options are configured at Settings > Payments

Shopify payments

Shopify Payments is the default payment provider, though this can be disabled.  To use Shopify Payment for the first time require entering some basic personal or company information.

Once Shopify payment has been configured, then all major cards are accepted.  Other options include:


ShopPay is a quick checkout where Shopify gives customers the option for Shopify to save their payment and address information across accounts


Accept Apple and Google Pay

Countries and Regions. 

Set the countries from which you will accept orders.  A local exchange rate will be applied, and depending on the account level, sellers can adjust prices by a percentage up or down


Seller can select to round converted prices, e.g. 4.76 will be rounded to 5

Payout details. 

Define the payout bank account and payment frequency

Fraud prevention

Credit cards have two fraud checks

  • Address match.  This check compares the numbers in the address given to that in the statement address on file.  Checks are made for both house number and postcode
  • CVV (a.k.a. CV2) check.  Compare the CV2 on the card which that provided by the customer

Sellers can choose to accept or reject orders which fail this test.  I recommend automatically rejecting CV2 failures as the customer should have the card to make a purchase. However, rejecting address mismatches will lead to many more failed transactions, so I would accept these orders and monitor if necessary.

Billing statement

Choose how your transactions appear on customer card statements

Other payment methods

A number of alternative payment methods can be added to a Shopify store.

  • Paypal.  By default, PayPal payments will be sent to the login email, so ensure this is added to your PayPal account
  • Amazon pay
  • Third-party and alternative payments
  • Manual payment methods.  Configure the messaging given to customers informing them how they can make an offline payment



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