Shopify Shipping Settings

The rules governing the shipping charged to customers at checkout are configured in Settings > Shipping and Delivery.

Setting Units

If you use weight-based shipping rates, you should select whether you are using metric or imperial measurements in Settings > General.

Shipping Templates

All new products are added to a General Shipping template.  If you want to have different shipping settings for some products, you need to create a custom shipping template and add products.  Products added to a custom template will be removed from the general template

Shipping templates includes one or more zones.  Within the zones, shipping rates are set.


The zone determines and customer’s location.  This could be a country or an area within a country.  Multiple locations can be added to a single zone.


For each zone, the postage prices are set by creating rules called Rates. Rates can either be set by the seller or based on an integrated app or carrier.

Set your own rates

Seller created rates have the following options.

  • Shipping time (Standard, Express or seller specified)
  • Weight or price band
  • Price

For example, if you want to have free shipping over £50, the following rates would be set

Rate 1:  £0 to £49.99 – Shipping is £5.99

Rate 2:  Above £50 – Shipping is free

Local shipping

The local shipping option allows you to offer local delivery at a set price.

One or more local delivery zones can be created based on a radius from your location or specific postcodes.  A price is set for each zone.

For example:

  • Zone 1: up to 5km away from your location – £5
  • Zone 2: up to 10km away from your location – £5

Your locations are set in location settings in Settings.

Pick up

Offer customers the opportunity to collect the product from your location.  Setup requires:

  • Setting pick up time e.g. 24 hours after purchase
  • Customer instructions



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