Understanding Amazon Business Reports

You can find Business Reports under the Reports tab in your seller account. The following types of Business Reports are available: Sales Dashboard, Business Reports by Date and by ASIN, and Amazon Selling Coach. Data for these reports are generally available for up to two years.

Seller Dashboard

The seller dashboard has two graphs:

  • Sales by amount
  • Sales by units

These can be filtered by date, fulfilment method and business/non-business sales

Sales and Traffic

This shows the account sales by day, week or month over a 2 year period.  The three reports here are different view of the same data.  The column are selected from the pop out column list on the RHS.  The report data points available can be broadly divided into 3 groups

  • Account sales data e.g. Sales, number of orders, average order value
  • Listing performance e.g. sessions, session order percentage (i.e. the percentage of page views which converted), Buy box percentage
  • Account performance e.g. Feedback, A-Z claims, refund rate

Sales can be seen separately for consumer and B2B sales.

Sales by ASIN

The sku reports show performance at the SKU level.  The columns can again be selected at the RHS.  Data can either be shown for parent listings or child listing.

  • Parent listings.  This is a group of products which are sold from a single page on Amazon (also know as a variant set).  An example would be a t-shirt which comes in three sizes – S, M, L.
  • Child listing.  These are the size variantions mentioned above: S, M, L

The data can be filtered by date and the columns are broadly speaking related to sales (sales volume, sales amount) or listing performance (sessions, buy box percentage).



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