Understanding Amazon Seller Coach Reports

Amazon Selling Coach Reports offers personalised recommendations to guide you in maximising your effectiveness as a seller. The report’s sections are:

Inventory Opportunities

Restocking advice back on your sales over the past seven days.

Product Opportunities

Products which customers have recently shown interest in and which have limited availability on Amazon. You can set your recommendation preferences to include or exclude brands, categories or specific products.

Global Selling Opportunities

Listing which you have on your home marketplace which are also available internationally but which you are not yet selling.

Fulfilment Opportunities

Product in which customers are displaying an interest, but are not yet available as fulfilled by Amazon or SFP

Low Price Opportunities

Comparison of your inventory against the competition to show where more sales could be achieved by reducing price.

Email notification

The email setting tab allows merchants to received email update on seller coach recommendations.  The seller can specify where they want the emails to go and which alerts they require.

A notification history can be seen under the communication tab.



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