7 Ways to Grow your Amazon Sales

In this video, Trevor covers 7 tried and tested ways to grow your Amazon sales. These are:

  • Amazon SEO
  • Optimise your listings to increase the conversion rate
  • Building listing history
  • Promotions
  • Sell internationally
  • Amazon sponsored ads
  • Dynamic Pricing

Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Amazon is the world’s biggest product search engine. Like that other big search engine, Google, it uses the content of a page to generate its list of results. Amazon filters search results by keywords and then ranks them. If you do not include the keywords, then your listing will not get a look in!

By including high-volume keywords in your listing, you will appear for more searches and drive more traffic.

Optimise your listings to increase the conversion rate

There are millions and millions of products on Amazon your listing must make a good impression. A well-written listing which sells the product features and has great images will have a better conversion rate. A higher conversion rate will mean more sales for lower advertising spend.

Building listing history

Your position in the Amazon search depends on the sales history of your listings. Listing with more sales, more reviews and a higher conversion rate will rank higher. Sellers should try and build listing history quickly. Strategies include

  • Generating reviews using Amazon vine
  • Using ads to drive traffic and sales
  • Running promotions

Promotions and sales

On Amazon, a seller can offer promotions, vouchers and run sales. Example include:

  • Buy X get Y% off
  • Buy 1 get 1 free (or at a discount)
  • Buy item X and get item Z
  • Lightening sales promoted on the Amazon sales page

Promotions and sales drive sales volume and so build listing history and increase search performance.

Sell internationally

Amazon is present in more than 20 countries including United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Australia, India, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sweden, Poland, Belgium

Each site works in a similar fashion so if you know how to use one Amazon site, you know how to use them all! A product with the same barcode (EAN, UPC) will have the same ASIN in every country. Amazon is getting much better at transferring listings between countries.

Unlike some international marketplaces (e.g. TMall) Amazon is a self-service platform, keeping costs low. For customer service, Google Translate is your friend!

Amazon Ads

New products on Amazon have zero reviews and no listing history so will appear at the bottom of the search results. To boost sales, you can use Amazon advertising programmes to drive traffic and build listing history.

Ads are a great way to get traction on the Amazon marketplaces, however, they are expensive with an average spend of 20-30% – much higher than Google Shopping Ads.

Dynamic Pricing

If you are selling on an ASIN alongside other sellers, you will be competing for the buy box. Who wins the buy box is decided by a combination of seller performance and price. You can increase BB % by dynamically changing your pricing by being just £0.01 cheaper can make all the difference.

Warning: Can start a price war and a race to the bottom. To avoid prices from spiralling down, match prices instead of beating them.



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