How to create a Blog on Shopify

A blog is a great way to publish news and communicate with customers.  They also allow fresh content to be created that gets picked up by search engines.

Creating a blog

Multiple blogs can be created by visiting Online store >  Blog posts and clicking ‘Manage Blogs’. 

A blog’s layout is based on a template.  By default, the blog will use the default Blog template.  Creating new templates requires editing the site code.

Adding a post

Posts can be added from Online store >  Blog posts.  A post has the following elements

  • Title.  Make this a meaningful title that includes relevant keywords
  • Blog content.  Text as well as media
  • Excerpt.  A summary of the post which is shown on the blog homepage in the ‘Blogroll’
  • Featured image.  This will appear at the top of the blog post
  • Theme.  The layout of each blog post is determined by a theme.  See not above

Answering Comments

Hopefully, your blog will be popular and gets lots of comments.  Comments can be managed by visiting Online store >  Blog posts and clicking ‘Manage Comments’.

Comments can be disabled or allowed at the blog level.

Search engine preview

Shopify shows a search engine preview (i.e. how pages will appear on search engines) at both the blog and the individual posts level.  This includes

  • Title.  This is the <title> tag for the page
  • Description.  This is the meta description
  • URL

These will be set by default to the post title and excerpt but can be optimised if desired.



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