eBay Listing and Selling Policies

With 15000 categories, most legal things can be sold on eBay.  However there are some items which cannot be sold:


Sellers should avoid the following:

  • Product requiring a licence e.g. alcohol, tobacco
  • Recalled items
  • Restricted

Some brands (e.g. high end fashion brands) do not like products sold on eBay.  eBay has a programme called VERO that enables them to remove listing, which they feel infringe their intellectual property right. This programme is abused by rights owners who use it to get legitimate listing removed.

Details on Vero programme:  https://www.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/listing-policies/selling-policies/intellectual-property-vero-program?id=4349

Once a listing is removed due to a VERO complaint, it is challenging to appeal.  Brand often employ agencies to manage the process, and from experience, these agencies are unresponsive.

If an account has too many infringements against it, it can be restricted or closed permanently.

Listing Policies

eBay’s listing policy covers the content of items listings.


The main things are note are:

  • No links.  eBay does not allow buyers to be directed off eBay
  • No emails.  The seller’s email cannot be included in the listing template
  • No JavaScript.  Javascript is not permitted in listings through standard HTML tags are
  • Accurate descriptions.  The listing should accurately describe the item.  If it does not, the seller opens themselves up to buyer disputes
  • Accurate locations.  Sellers cannot state they are in one place when in fact they are based in another, e.g. say they are in the UK then they are in China
  • Accurate keywords.  Keywords in the description and the title must relate to the item on sale.  For example, a seller cannot say ‘Chanel style’ if it is not a Chanel dress.



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