How to Customise your Shopify Checkout

Configuring the Shopify Checkout

One of the benefits of using Shopify is that the platform has a standard checkout that customers are familiar with from the many other Shopify stores from which they will have purchased.

The Shopify checkout has been optimised using the data from the millions of transactions that have gone through the Shopify checkout.  Consequently, the layout for the checkout cannot be altered in the standard Shopify plans (Basic, Shopify or Advanced). 

Whilst the checkout design cannot be changed, there are a number of options that sellers can configure in Settings > checkout


The look and feel of the checkout (e.g. background, logo) is configured in Online store > themes > Checkout.  The layout cannot be changed, but there are several options for making the checkout fit with your company’s identity.

Customisations include:

  • Background colours or images (recommended image size: 1000 x 400px recommended)
  • Logo (recommended image upload size: 450 x 250px recommended)
  • Logo size and location (left of right)
  • Fonts
  • Form fields
  • Colours for buttons, errors and highlights


When configuring your account, is it best to enable most options so that customer can choose their preferred options.

Customer accounts

Shopify can be configured in three ways:

  • Disable customer accounts, i.e. customers can only check out with guest accounts
  • Enable customer and guest accounts
  • Customer accounts required

The best practice is to enable customers to choose whether they use a create an account or not.  Returning customers may value creating an account, so they do not need to re-enter their details with every order. Other customers may not wish to have their details stored.

Customer contact

Checking out

Shopify has the option to enable customers to checkout using phone or email.  Whilst allowing the customers to check out using a phone number may improve conversion rate, email is a more convenient way to send customer messages for the following reasons:

  • Free.  Contacting a customer by phone can incur charges
  • Less intrusive. 
  • Fewer formatting issues.  Phone numbers can be written in several ways, which can cause issues when searching for orders
  • Searching.  Easier to search for order using emails

We recommend only allowing customers to checkout using an email address.

Shipping updates

By enabling customers to opt into shipping updates, you will potentially cut down on customer service queries.  Note that this does require adding keeping shipping details in order processing up to date.

Form options

When collecting customer information, it is best to collect the maximum information about the customer to ensure better deliverability. 

We recommend enabling the following options:

  • Full name or just last name.    Collecting the full name may help the courier to locate the customer if there are delivery issues.
  • Company name.  This field should be included as some delivery addresses will be to workplaces
  • Address line 2.  This option should be allowed to enable longer addresses to be correctly entered.

Order processing

When choosing order processing options, bear in mind that reducing the number of checkout steps will probably increase checkout completion.

  • Use the shipping address as the billing address by default.  This option reduces the number of fields required to check out. The billing address can still be edited.
  • Require a confirmation step.  This option will increase the number of steps and so reduce the conversion rate.  However, enabling customers to check their order before committing may reduce the number of customers making purchasing mistakes
  • Enable address autocompletion.  Helping customers enter their address will speed the checkout process and so may increase the conversion rate.


Enabling customers to subscribe to email and SMS marketing at checkout will allow you to drive repeat purchases through marketing campaigns.

With email, there is the option to preselect the subscribe option.  Whilst this will increase sign up, it may annoy some customers and may be illegal in some countries.

Abandoned checkout emails

Abandoned checkout emails are one of the best ways to win back customers who left your site before making a purchase.  They are also free, so a no brainer!



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