How to create an Amazon Branded Storefront

Amazon branded storefronts are available to brands registered in brand registry and can be managed from Stores > manage stores.

Multiple storefronts can be managed from the storefront as well as access to store insights (see below)

The storefront is a modular based system which has the following features:


Each store must have at least one page which is the homepage.  Modules can be added to this page like any other.


The storefront has a header which is 3000×600 px minimum.  This appears at the top of each page.

Publishing and Scheduling

There can be multiple version of the shop which the seller can select from the version drop down at the top of the page.  A live version can be updated or there can be multiple draft versions.

Once a shop is completed is can be submitted for approval and a publishing date set.  Once approved it will publish on this date.

Store Settings

Amazon allows the following settings for each store:

  • Store brand name
  • Store logo
  • Product display box (tall or short)


A store can have multiple pages.  These could be use for product information or as category pages.  Pages can be nested to create a category structure.  When creating a page a standard layout can be selected or a blank page where user can specify their own modules.

Top level categories will appear in the navigation under the header.


Each page is made up of a number of modules.  These can be:

  • Product grids (product selected by users)
  • Text area
  • Image
  • Shoppable image (links through to ASIN)
  • Videos
  • Image gallery

The modules can added underneath each other and moved around on the page


Amazon providers shop owners with an analytics too to viewing the traffic to their branded storefront.  The information which can be viewed is:

  • Traffic
  • Sales
  • Traffic source
  • Page visits



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