Shopify Usability with Adam Pearce from Blend Commerce

Adam Pearce works for the leading Shopify usability agency Blendcommerce.  Having just launched our own Shopify storefront, in this week’s eCommerce odyssey Podcast, Trevor took the opportunity to pick Adam’s brains on maximising the conversion rate of Shopify storefronts. Some key take aways are below:

Put all relevant information on product pages

Given that most people won’t read information pages (e.g. delivery, returns etc), all the relevant information should be on the product page.  Adam recommends reiterating the message under the buy button.

Blendcommerce client sites that do this well are the Aquarium Coop and Goat Milk Stuff.

  • Summary bullets (our previous UX person recommended these)
  • Messaging about button
  • Learn more about this product – link to blog posts
  • Loads of customer reviews

On Website page speed

How fast should a Shopify site be?  Adam’s recommendations are:

  • 2.7 seconds is the min standard
  • Track the performance of main pages e.g. homepage, product page, category pages
  • Use one tool consistently for measurements.  That way you will get a relative measure of performance
  • Remove any necessary apps as these slow down the system
  • Optimise images

Think about customer flow

Consider what messages customers will get during the purchasing process.  For example:

  • Emails What messages will they get during the order flow e.g. review emails
  • Delivery.  How can we better meet delivery promises – especially internationally
  • One site messaging – how can your direct customers to the right products

Offer multiple payment options

How many payment options should a store offer. Offering multiple payment options enables the customer to checkout in the way they like so the more the merrier (within reason).

Offering PayPal alongside card payment is recommended as online wallets give the customer a feeling of security.  This is particularly the case for international deliveries

How to optimise your eCommerce Pricing with Burc Tanir from Prisync

In this edition of the eCommerce Odyssey Podcast, we discuss dynamic pricing with Burc Tanir from Prisync. Prisync is a competitive price monitoring and repricing tool which enables customers to increase sales and profit by altering pricing in real-time based on market conditions.

Key takes aways:

Automate your Pricing

Tracking price manually is very time consuming and the market changes so quickly you will never keep up. By using an automated tracking solution, you will same time and be more competitive.

Treat channels separately

Each channel (e.g. Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay) has its own competitive landscape, so only compare prices within a channel. On channels that aggregate prices (e.g. google shopping), be careful not to compete against yourself if pricing automatically

Pricing is critical

Many surveys have shown that price is the most crucial factor when purchasing online. The way that results on Google, Amazon et al. are presented means a customer has to actively look for more expensive offers as the cheaps generally come top.

Repricing can make you more money

It is not a simple race to the bottom. On Pricsync, 60% of price changes are upwards. For many retailers, there is an opportunity to increase prices and make more money.

Don’t reprice against everyone

Find your sweet spot by choosing a small number of retailers to reprice against. 

Repricing helps with ROAS

Customers will check multiple retailers before purchasing. Being more price-competitive will improve conversion rate, reducing the sale cost on platforms such as Google shopping.

Be transparent on pricing

Being transparent on pricing increases the conversion rate. Free shipping is popular with customers.

Livestreaming & live Commerce with Nicholas Bailliache from eStreamly

Fascinating chat on the eCommerce Odyssey Podcast with Nicholas Bailliache from eStreamly, a provider in the nascent space of Live stream shopping. Live streaming is HUGE in China (20% of online sales) and so undoubtedly it is going to be big in the west before long too. Nicholas has some great insights into how to make a success of live streaming events for your business.

I was a sceptic but now I am a convert! I think that live streaming is an effective tool for connecting with audiences and making your business stand out. It also does not need to cost the earth – think of it more as a YouTube vlog.

Questions we talked about:

  • Tell me about eStreamly!
  • How did you get the idea?
  • What is live commerce all about?
  • Does it work?
  • It works in China, what about the west?
  • What kind of businesses do you work with?
  • What process should the merchant go through to run an event?
  • Where are the events published?
  • How kind of success do you see?
  • How should retailers run a successful event?
  • What has inspired you recently?

Using charitable giving to boost your eCommerce sales with Andrew Forman from Givz

Fascinating interview on the Ecommerce Odyssey Podcast with Andrew Forman, the founder of Givz. Givz enables any Shopify merchant to set up their own Amazon Smile style charitable donation service. Instead of opting for a discount, customer can donate their discount to a charity of their choice. I was unconvinced to begin with but in the end, I was sold on the idea!

Things we talked about

  • How did you get the idea for givz?
  • What problem does Givz solve?
  • Why is this better than discounts?
  • What is your pricing model?
  • Are consumers driven by factors other than price?
  • How are brands embracing social responsibility?
  • What success have you seen?
  • What has inspired you recently?

Launching an Own Label Brand & Optimising Amazon PPC with Travis Zigler from Eye Love & Profitable Pineapple

In this episode of eCommerce Odyssey, Trevor talks to Dr Travis Zigler, an optometrist (eye doctor) turned eCommerce entrepreneur.  Previously, he owned two optometry practices, which he sold in 2017 to focus on eCommerce.  He is the founder of Eye Love, a brand focusing on a condition known as dry eye.  Travis uses the profits from Eye Love to fund free clinics in Jamaica and the US through their charity, the Eye Love Cares Foundation. 

Due to the success of Eye Love, Travis has founded an Amazon PPC agency called Profitable Pineapple (great name!).  We talk about his entrepreneurial journey and how he uses his eCommerce success to give back to the community.

Things we talked about:

  • Tell me about your business – Eye Love.
  • How did you get the idea?
  • Tell us about your social mission.
  • Where do you source your products?
  • What channels do you sell through?
  • You also run an agency, can you tell me about this?
  • What services do you offer?
  • What kind of businesses do you work for?
  • What are your top Amazon PPC tips?
  • Do you prefer eCommerce or being a doctor?
  • What has inspired you recently?

How to Sell your eCommerce Business – Interview with Ben Leonard from Ecom Brokers

In this episode of the eCommerce Odyssey Podcast, Trevor talks to Ben Leonard from Ecom Brokers (

Ecom Brokers was founded by Ben Leonard and Allison Walker. Ben had recently gone through the sales of his eCommerce business and was not happy with the brokers he used for the sale. So, he partnered withed his financial adviser to create a new kind of brokerage focused on the growing eCommerce sector.

We talked about:

  • Tell me about your company.
  • How did you get the idea for Ecom brokers?
  • What kind of businesses do you sell?
  • When is an idea time to sell?
  • What kind of multiples should people expect?
  • How should you prepare your company for sale?
  • How does your process work?
  • Top tip for realising the value in your company?
  • What has inspired you recently?

Ben was talking to Trevor Ginn from, an eCommerce agency specialising in online marketplaces and eCommerce sales platforms.

Conversion Rate Optimisation & Conversion Value optimisation with Valentin Radu from Omniconvert

In this episode of eCommerce Odyssey we talk to Valentin Radu from Omniconvert.  Omniconvert is a growth enabler for serious eCommerce companies looking to become customer-centric. Omniconvert has helps global eCommerce companies become customer-centric through advanced segmentation algorithms, AB testing, web personalisation, and customer research.

We talked about:

  • Tell us about Omniconvert
  • How are smart companies managing their website CRO?
  • How do you see websites evolving over the next few years?
  • Will services like Shopify mean all websites are the same?
  • What is your favourite eCommerce growth tactic post iOS 15?
  • How should companies best use zero and first-party data to grow?
  • What are your tips for increasing customer lifetime value?
  • What is customer value optimisation in Ecommerce?
  • Do you think that CRO will merge with CVO?
  • What has inspired you recently?

Valentin was talking to Trevor Ginn from, an eCommerce agency specialising in online marketplaces and e-commerce sales platforms.

Get Actionable insights from your Amazon Sales data with Rael Cline from

In this episode of the eCommerce Odyssey Podcast, we talk to Rael Cline from Nozzle turns raw data into actionable insights that help you grow your business on Amazon.

Amazon sellers have long been frustrated with the lack of customer data available to them. This data is essential for making informed business decisions but has been locked away by Amazon. Nozzle Analytics gives you back control of your sales and customer data. With this powerful tool, you can track your sales in real-time, as well as gain insights into your customers’ buying habits.

We talked about:

  • What does
  • Where Rael got the idea from
  • How the best Amazon sellers are using Nozzle to grow their business
  • How Rael sees Amazon progressing over the next few years
  • What has inspired him recently

Rael was talking to Trevor Ginn from, an eCommerce agency specialising in online marketplaces and e-commerce sales platforms.

How we launched our podcast!

We have been running a podcast for a few months and experiencing healthy listener growth.  This post shares how we have launched and promoted our podcast.

Recording a pocast

We record the podcast via a Zoom meeting.  Paid for versions of Zoom allow the video and audio to be recorded separately. 

Equipment I use:

Audacity is a great free tool for editing audio.

Hosting a podcast

You will require hosting for your podcast.  Hosting stores the podcast audio file and metadata (e.g. description, icon) and makes it available for download. 

We use, which is a paid service.  Spotify offers a hosting service called Anchor, a free alternative.  We will probably move to this when we get time!

Finding guests for your podcast

We ran out of guests after the first few episodes.  However, we now have a steady stream of guests as we have signed up for some guest matching services.  We also get contacted by agencies looking to place guests.  Some useful matching services:

Publishing on the major podcast platforms

We publish the podcast on the following services:

These services require you to set up an account and submit an RSS feed.  The RSS feed will be provided by your podcast hosting provider.

Podcast promotion

We promote the podcast in the following ways:

  • Podcast services mentioned above
  • Blog post
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Interview with Kaitlyn Studey of South Street & Co Marketing Agency

In this week’s edition of the eCommerce Odyssey Podcast, Trevor talks to Kaitlyn Study of South Street and Co, a marketing agency based in Orlando, Florida, USA.

South Street & Co. was established in 2015 and helps small business owners reach more customers through great digital marketing, design and automation.

Kaitlyn Study originalyl set her business up as a side hustle, and it quickly grew into a full-time business. 

We discussed:

  • How Kaitlyn started South Street and co
  • The importance of local search
  • Marketing automation
  • The platforms they use
  • The importance of coaching
  • Kaitlyn’s advice for starting your side hustle!
  • What has inspired her recently

Kaitlyn talked to Trevor Ginn from, an eCommerce agency specialising in online marketplaces and e-commerce sales platforms.