How eCommerce Entrepreneurs can use AI to boost sales with Alex Back from

Alex Back is a serial eCommerce entrepreneur. His latest venture, ⁠⁠ is an online platform for matching customers with their perfect couches. In this podcast, Trevor from ⁠Vendlab⁠ talks to Alex about how he has been using AI to launch his new venture. He shares tips for how other entrepreneurs can leverage AI to save […]

How to Manage your eCommerce Cashflow with Matt Putra from Eightx

Also available as a podcast. In this week’s podcast, Trevor talk to Matt Putra from Eightx about how to manage cashflows for eCommerce business. Questions we discuss: What is cash flow? What problems can people have? How to avoid problems these problems Tips for optimising cashflow How can eCommerce businesses get funds to grow? 2023 […]

How to dominate you Amazon category with Will Haire from BellaVix

Also available as a podcast In this edition of the eCommerce Odyssey Podcast, Trevor talks to Will Haire from BellaVix about how to build your Amazon sales by dominating your category. We talk about: Using off-Amazon advertising to drive traffic to Amazon listings Amazon DSP Amazon marketing strategies

How to increase your eBay sales with Nahar Geva from Zik Analytics

Also available as a podcast. In this week’s podcast, Trevor talked to Nahar Geva from Zik Analytics about how to Boost your eBay sales. Zik Analytics is a platform which helps sellers to research successful products to sell on eBay and other online platforms. Is eBay still worth selling on? Yes! eBay is the number […]