Shopify Usability with Adam Pearce from Blend Commerce

Adam Pearce works for the leading Shopify usability agency Blendcommerce.  Having just launched our own Shopify storefront, in this week’s eCommerce odyssey Podcast, Trevor took the opportunity to pick Adam’s brains on maximising the conversion rate of Shopify storefronts. Some key take aways are below: Put all relevant information on product pages Given that most […]

Using charitable giving to boost your eCommerce sales with Andrew Forman from Givz

Fascinating interview on the Ecommerce Odyssey Podcast with Andrew Forman, the founder of Givz. Givz enables any Shopify merchant to set up their own Amazon Smile style charitable donation service. Instead of opting for a discount, customer can donate their discount to a charity of their choice. I was unconvinced to begin with but in […]

Shopify Theme Settings

Theme settings is where the global setting for the Shopify theme are specified. These include colours, fonts, favicon and social media links.  These are: Colours This section specifies the colours for areas of the sites such as text and buttons.  Colours can be selected from a pallet or defined using  hex code. If you want […]

How to edit a Shopify Theme

Editing Shopify theme Shopify themes can be edited without the need for any technical knowledge.  From the Online store option in the LHS menu, click theme and customise theme.  Branding Sellers should customise their theme to reflect their branding Colour accents are set in theme settings and can be applied at the element level, e.g. […]

How to import & export Shopify products

If you have many products to upload to your store, then it will be very time consuming to do this manually.  You can use the export and import functionality to amend products or create new listings. Import and export functionality is available from the top RHS in the product screen Exporting products By exporting products, […]

How to use Shopify Marketing Apps

If you wish to market your store using an integrated marketing app, this is managed from Marketing in the main menu. The marketing menu is divided into three sections Overview.  Summary if your marketing campaigns Campaigns.  A list of your campaigns and their performance Automations.  Marketing automation such as abandoned cart emails To create a […]

Anatomy of a Shopify Storefront

A Shopify store consists of distinct elements which come together to create the Shopify store.  Pages A page is a content page on the site that gives more information to visitors about a business and its product or services.  For example: About us Contact us FAQs Shopify pages are modular.  Content elements can be added […]

Why use Shopify?

There are plenty of website solutions out there, so why Shopify?  In fact, why a website at all? Why build a website The popularity and ease of use of Amazon and other online marketplaces mean that many brands do not even bother building their own eCommerce site.  Whilst this saves money and time, there are […]

How to use Shopify Analytics

Shopify Analytics Shopify has a native set of website performance reports (called Analytics) which is accessed from The LHS menu. Shopify Analytics enables sellers to understand the behaviour of their customers and make adjustments to their store to increase sales. Analytics has three main sections Dashboard.  Overview of your store’s performance, e.g. sales, orders, conversion […]